Real estate investment


The field of real estate business has been concerned and focused on by Dosan since its inception, with the rapid development of the economy and the real estate market, especially the development of urban areas. New markets in the provinces and cities nationwide, the field of real estate business of Dosan Joint Stock Company has had rapid and outstanding development.

Real estate investment has created for Dosan great values ​​in terms of profits and position in the marketplace, with a growing real estate market like Vietnam, especially in 2021, many experts. The forecast economy has many opportunities for investors. With its own advantages such as vision, financial potential, management skills, brand name, strategic partnership, professional leadership team ... Dosan confidently goes deep into the field. this area and grow even more in the future.

In the field of real estate investment Dosan develops in 2 directions:

Direct Investment: Dosan invests directly in potential real estate projects with direct corporate capital.
Resonant Investor: Gives investors the opportunity to invest in a sustainable way, resonate with Dosan in potential real estate projects that are suitable for both amateur and amateur investors, especially investors. Investor has relatively financial potential but still wants to invest in real estate.

Dosan has a strategic orientation to develop various types of real estate businesses as follows:

- Real estate land
- Real estate land plots
- Project land
- Residential land
- Other types of real estate investment and business.

Dosan will continuously strengthen and develop member units operating in this field, forming units specializing in real estate business and diversifying business types of investment and real estate.