Investing in capital to invest in promising businesses


Dosan Group Joint Stock Company was initiated and founded by a team of leaders with more than 10 years of experience in financial investment, securities, banking, real estate and commerce.

Based on our professional experience and available long-term resources, we focus on fully exploiting financial leverage and knowledge core strength in building and developing "human resources". DOSAN has built and invested in many business owners in fields with great potential for development such as: Thanh Phuoc Thanh Phuoc Energy Joint Stock Company, OOS Software Company, Kaxim Joint Stock Company, Company Hi-tech Enogy, Kinh Bac International Trade & Service Company, Dong A International Investment Joint Stock Company, ...

Not only bring sustainable economic efficiency to businesses, but DOSAN investments also bring mutual prosperity and meaning to society. This commitment is also a deep gratitude that the leaders and staff of DOSAN would like to send to customers, investors and partners - who have been, are and will trust to accompany them. I am on the way of "resonating success", working together to build a thriving business ecosystem.