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Dosan is proud to be the place where the best people from all over Vietnam gather, building a culturally diverse working environment, acting with discipline and respect for each other. Despite coming from many different places, religions, ethnic groups or regions, all ideas and creative efforts of employees contributing to the common development are always appreciated by the company, promoting the spirit of active learning. , cultivate mutual experience.

At Dosan, each employee is considered an important link in the operating system of the business, the company always seeks to support and encourage employees to be creative, apply each individual's strengths to the right work to improve the performance of the company. improve work efficiency, help employees discover their own capabilities on the path of career development.

Not only working at high speed with all enthusiasm, Dosan's staff also clearly shows the spirit of solidarity and collective in cultural activities and community activities.

In addition, all information of the business as well as movement activities are always fully and timely communicated to each employee, forming a unified operation among departments, from leadership to employees. pellets. At the "common house" Dosan, employees are always proud to contribute and stand side by side with the company's success.

HR development strategy

With the goal of comprehensive and sustainable development, Dosan always focuses on investing in building and developing a team of good experts in key areas, ensuring rights and fairness right from the recruitment policy, all Talented individuals who fit the corporate culture have the opportunity to apply for a job at Dosan.

Dosan regularly organizes training programs according to international standards to improve the capacity and qualifications of employees, through series of seminars to inspire the spirit and motivate employees to strive. overcome all challenges. In addition, the company also prioritizes recruiting and training leadership positions from potential internal employees.

The company's leadership is empowered and ready to support employees to fulfill their duties. Through the job rotation policy, Dosan employees have the opportunity to experience many different job positions, have the opportunity to learn more knowledge and properly determine their capabilities.

In addition to training, employees at Dosan always have the opportunity to work and experience, promote creativity in large projects, work directly with good, experienced experts and be updated with the best quality. knowledge, huge information every day.

Attract talent with attractive income

Dosan builds a highly competitive salary and bonus policy that is higher than the average in the market in order to attract employees and create long-term attachment to the company. In addition to salary based on job requirements, capacity and work results of each individual, Dosan also implements satisfactory rewards and recognition of employees' contributions in many forms: cash bonus, travel foreign calendar, salary increase ahead of time, promotion, etc.

Dosan always ensures employees are fully participating in insurance regimes in accordance with the Labor Law, and at the same time offers them many attractive benefits such as: Buying a package of periodic health check-ups for employees and relatives, sponsor transportation, lunch allowance, business expenses, gifts for holidays, Tet, birthday, marriage, ...

Dosan employees can work in a spacious, modern office and enjoy high-class services at the most preferential cost or free at Dosan's brand system. The company's leaders are enthusiastic and fierce people, always offering a clear career development roadmap to help guide development for employees.

Community activities

As an enterprise operating for the development of the country, Dosan is always at the forefront of social construction activities, sharing with the community the achievements of the business:

Warm Towels for Children Charity Fund is accompanied by Dosan as a bridge between Dosan's benevolent hearts and difficult situations in society. Funds have been used to build schools, power systems, make lights for highland students; sponsor scholarships for poor students to overcome difficulties, give gifts and assets to disadvantaged families…

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